Kalmar Care

Care that keeps your business moving.

Quality service ensures uptime and lifetime of your equipment investment


Proactive care prolongs machine lifetime by always keeping it in good condition.
It reduces risks, improves equipment availability and gives you better financial predictability.

It's the best guarantee to ensure that your business keeps moving as planned.


Find the perfect fit for your business

Our offering is divided into three service models:
our two customizable contracts Essential Care and Complete Care and our flexible solution On Demand Care. We're more than happy to help you assess which service model best suits your needs and business.

Reach out to us and we'll help you find the perfect fit. 

Essential Care

A preventive maintenance solution to keep your equipment in an optimal condition


Complete Care

A complete service solution providing piece of mind and maximum equipment uptime

  • Keep equipment in top condition, maximising value of the asset

  • Full-service solution including all needed services, parts, lubricants and labour for maintenance due to normal wear and tear

  • Predictable maintenance costs for the contract period

On Demand Care

Top-of-the-line service whenever you need it.

If you want a fully flexible solution that allows you to scale up or down service whenever you like, we have your back with On Demand Care. Whether you need urgent repairs, additional maintenance expertise, or swift troubleshooting to get to the bottom of a problem, we are here for you. Simply get in touch when you want an extra hand and pay for the work done. It's the luxury of complete flexibility without having to compromise on quality or expertise.   

Flexible service from an expert team

No two businesses are the same, so we make it easy for you to create a service arrangement that meets your unique needs. With Kalmar Care you can focus on your operations while we make sure that the competencies and materials you need are always available regardless of the size of your business, and whether you have in-house maintenance operations or outsource them.

  • Experience and knowledge from a dedicated team of over 1,500 service professionals

  • A large connected fleet of machines, constantly generating data and insights

  • Modern services with digitalisation at the forefront, offering the best online tools for securing transparency, uptime, efficiency and safety

We’re here to help

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how they can support your business.