Unique conditions call for unique solutions. This is the case at the Stolt Tank Containers depot in Singapore, a site that handles large quantities of ISO containers used for hazardous materials, and one of Kalmar’s key partners in Southeast Asia. During the last decade, Kalmar has provided Stolt Tank Containers with equipment for handling the containers with the required precision and care.

Stolt at the Center of Asia Pacific

The Singapore depot of Stolt Tank Containers offers a range of services provided to its global partners. It is one of 21 depots operated by the company, specialising in cargo handling of ISO containers.

Kalmar spoke to Michael Tsai, Depot Manager at Stolt Tank Containers, to get his overview of the collaboration thus far. The interview was conducted by Tan Chin Guan, Sales Director at Kalmar, who started by asking Tsai to outline what Stolt Container Terminal is and its operations in Singapore.

Tsai: The Stolt Tank Container Terminal Singapore is a one-stop shop located on Jurong Island, the hub of Asia Pacific.  We offer tank cleaning, servicing, major repair, cargo hitting, cargo transfer, and emergency response.

Tailor-made equipment and support services

Stolt Tank Containers recently added two DCG 160-12 Forklifts to its fleet. What made this order special was the modification of the equipment to the specific needs of the Singapore depot. To accomplish this, two heavy-duty forklifts were retrofitted by replacing the lifting fork with a container spreader.

"Kalmar’s team provides reliable after-sales services that meet our safety and on-time delivery requirements."

Chin Guan: What would you say are the top reasons Stolt Tank Containers selected Kalmar as the preferred supplier for your depot?

Tsai: We chose Kalmar because of our high volume and round the clock operations. Safety and reliable equipment were crucial factors in the selection process. And most importantly, Kalmar’s team provides reliable after-sales services that meet our safety and on-time delivery requirements.

Chin Guan: Is there anything in particular you would like to mention about the project delivery and site support Kalmar provided to your depot during the project?

Tsai: Due to the space constraints and workshop height limitations in our depot, the Kalmar team has specially customised the forklift model to cater for our requirements. Indeed, Kalmar’s team has delivered excellent and professional services.

ISO container handling is precision-driven

Handling containers suitable for transporting hazardous liquids requires dependable equipment. Here, Kalmar can serve as a trusted partner in providing its customers with first-class machinery suited to their specific needs.

"We aim to provide products that are highly reliable, as well as maintain strong communication for joint problem solving.”

“We ensure compatibility of our equipment with all environments by continually improving our product portfolio. For added value, Kalmar Services provides ongoing support to ensure safety and efficiency across operations at our partner organisations,” says Gavin Woo, Senior Sales Engineer at Kalmar.

Stolt Tank Containers began working with Kalmar more than 10 years ago. The equipment delivered ranges from forklifts to older and newer models of reachstackers.

“Kalmar believes in nurturing its partnerships to create long-term benefits. With Stolt Tank Containers, we aim to provide products that are highly reliable, as well as maintain strong communication for joint problem solving,” says Woo.

Throughout the partnership with Stolt Tank Containers, Kalmar has provided visible results and created innovative solutions to diverse challenges.

“Working with the Stolt Tank Container Terminal Singapore has been a real pleasure. Over the years we have formed a solid relationship with excellent lines of communication. We look forward to the ongoing work and doing our best to provide the best solutions and support to the depot in the future,” concludes Woo.